Project Manager – Remote

We are excited to announce an opportunity for a talented and experienced Project Manager to join our team. As a leading technology company specializing in app development and online gaming, we are looking for a dynamic individual who can effectively handle projects in these domains, demonstrate exceptional communication skills, and excel in time management.

Position: Remote Project Manager – App Development and Online Gaming

What is DNS Cache and why you should clear them

image source: keycdn.com

What Is DNS Cache?
“DNS cache refers to the temporary storage of information about previous DNS lookups on a machine’s OS or web browser. Keeping a local copy of a DNS lookup allows your OS or browser to quickly retrieve it and thus a website’s URL can be resolved to its corresponding IPĀ much more efficiently. The basic function of different cache types is all more or less the same.” -keycdn.com

Clear your Chrome Cache

Your Google Chrome can accumulate a lot of temporary files over time. These files are a copy of the website you visited.

Your browser will store these files in order for it to load the site faster the next time you visit them. If you own a website and just recently updated it, your Google Chrome will often still load the old version of your website.

These old files need to be cleared. It is very safe to delete these files as this will not affect your browser functionality at all.

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